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Speakers 2022

28 October

Putting a value on farmers' natural capital

NSW Minister for Environment and Heritage, James Griffin, provided an update on the opportunities available to landholders and managers through the state's Sustainable Farming Program and Natural Capital initiatives.

23 September

Financing the future of farming

Our panel of experts in agricultural funds management shared insights on chasing scarce capital in global markets, and whether Australian agriculture is the best place for a secure, positive capital investment.

26 August

Australia’s salad days - keeping fresh fruit and veg affordable and available

Our panel discussed the challenges and the opportunities confronting fruit and vegetable growers - and consumers - including prices, natural disasters, biosecurity and workforce shortages.

29 July

Guardian Australia branches out: how the Rural Network was born

In our annual media lecture, Guardian Australia's Rural and Regional editor Gabrielle Chan provided Farm Writers with insights on the first year of the establishment of the Rural Network, a three year project funded by the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation.

24 June

Having a boll: can cotton maintain its momentum?

Cotton is one of our fastest growing farm sectors. Our specialist panel discussed the cotton industry's new farming horizons (including northern Australia), business challenges and scrutiny over sustainability.

27 May

Farming carbon: what are the opportunities?

Our panel of experts discussed the growing government support for environmental stewardship and how corporates are increasingly looking to offset emissions, making it a great time for farmers to explore the opportunities to benefit from carbon farming.

29  April

How the red meat and livestock industry is leading the climate solution.

Jason Strong, Managing Director of Meat & Livestock, provided an update on the industry’s leadership in lifting productivity while answering the climate call and delivering intergenerational sustainability. 

1 April

What's happening to rural property prices in Australia?

Rural land values have soared in recent months. Danny Thomas, Senior Director for LAWD, talks about the drivers and how long this trend may continue.

4 March

The NFF's 2022 election wish list

National Farmers' Federation president Fiona Simson talks about the agriculture sector’s wish list for the 2022 federal election, as the farm sector powers ahead on its journey to $100bn in farmgate production by 2030.

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