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The Farm Writers' Association of NSW has a proud, 50-year history of bringing rural issues directly to the people of metropolitan Sydney.

Farm Writers helps improve the lines of communication between rural and urban communities. Their work demonstrates that farming is not just about the farms. Farming affects so many aspects of our daily lives - from the food we feed our families, to the jobs our friends and neighbours have, to the very future of our state and national economies.

The NSW primary industries sector now contributes $12 billion each year to the State's economy, underpinning the economic, social and cultural fabric of many rural and regional communities making a substantial contribution to the State.

Value-added processing turns primary goods into high-quality food and fibre products for domestic and export markets. This creates vital jobs, provides economic security, and boosts the prosperity of our communities and our country.

In fact, the State's farmers, wholesalers, retailers, exporters, transporters and other sectors of the food and fibre industry generate between $32 and $40 billion per year to our economy. Agriculture is thus a base of our economic viability, contributing significantly to our high standard of living.

The dedicated members of the Farm Writers' Association of NSW and its hard-working volunteer committee continue to play an important role in raising the perception of the agriculture sector, and I commend their efforts.

The Hon. Adam Marshall MP
Minister for Agriculture and Western New South Wales

Member for Northern Tablelands

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