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Speakers 2009 - 2007

Speakers 2009

Speaker Marco Ferroni
Position/Organisation Executive Director, Syngenta Foundation
Topic What can Australia do to feed nine billion people (and counting)? 
Date 27/10/2009

Speakers 2008

Speaker John Porter
Position/Organisation CEO Austar
Topic NSW Farmwriters annual Media Leader Address 
Date 31/10/2008
Speaker Mike Guerin
Position/Organisation Managing Director Elders
Topic Bulls in the future for Elders? 
Date 29/08/2008
Speaker Richard Koch
Position/Organisation Managing Director of ProFarmer Australia
Topic Are the days of cheap grain over?
Date 24/04/2008

Speakers 2007

Speaker David Kirk
Position/Organisation CEO of Fairfax Media
Topic Fairfax Media and their Next Frontier
Date 23/11/2007
Speaker Hon Peter McGauran
Position/Organisation Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries and Forestry
Topic Strengthening Australian Agriculture: The Coalition’s Agriculture Policy Launch.
Date 13/11/2007
Speaker Senator Kerry O’Brien
Position/Organisation Shadow Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries and Forestry
Topic Labor’s vision for Australian Agriculture 
Date 26/10/2007

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